End of Semester Update!

Like a handful of you, its that time of year again.  Finals season. (I created a linkedin despite the fact I should be working on my finals… old habits never die. Haha)

  1. Finals are here and I have to help proctor one tomorrow evening from 7-10…..  I still don’t know where I’m suppose to go. I also set up extra tutoring hours, but I haven’t had any students show up yet.

One 15 page essay down, another 15 page essay and teaching portfolio to go! Right now I’m around 8-9 pages…

I got supe lucky and I’ll be catching a ride with a friend back to Atlanta on the 12th!

  1. I have gotten three of my textbooks for far (I have at least 7 more…), so I decided to send out an email this morning to see what is happening with all my books …They emailed me back saying they’re still waiting on them for delivery before they are processed (I submitted everything in the beginning of Nov.).  All of my professors know who I am already since I’ve talked to all of them in November.

I’m just going to put the letter that I crafted this morning here:

Dear all,

As this semester is coming to a close, I just wanted to check in on my books for Spring 2018.  Thank you for the the textbooks that I have received thus far.  Currently I have, Renaissance Humanism. An Anthology of Sources (ROML 8000)Bom Dia, Brasil (PORT 2600), and The Praise of Folly (ROML 8000).  May I please have the status of the books listed below?

I have made a list of the remaining books below.

ROML 8000: 

  1. Uopia
  2. Complete Works of François Rabelais.
  3. The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence.

FREN 6300:

  1. Charroi de Nîmes
  2. Aucassin et Nicolette
  3. Erec et Enide
  4. La Farce de Maître Pathelin

FREN 6800 (books that will be on reserve for this class):

  1. Gardes-Tamine, Joëlle.  1998.  La grammaire.  2.  Syntaxe.  3e éd.  Paris:
    Armand Colin.  [PC2105/.T35/1998/v. 2] 2 Hollerbach, Wolf.  1994.  The Syntax of Contemporary French:  A Pedagogical
    Handbook and Reference Grammar.  Lanham, Maryland, New York, London:
    University Press of America. [PC2361 / .H65 / 1994]

Again, Thank you for the books that I have received and thanks in advance for your help.



  1. I’m still waiting on my TA assignment, but I will be assigned to FREN 1110 again in the spring.  This time for two sections.

During my break (which never really turns out to be a break):

I’ll be reading a Romance linguistics textbook that I bought for my kindle.  This one is in French compared to the one that I had to use during the semester. I will also start thinking about my final paper for the spring since I’m still pretty new to the field and I’m playing with syntax next semester.

  1. I will start working on an application for a grant as well. You all probably know that I signed up to take an intensive Portuguese course in the spring.  There are grants funded by the Department of Education for students to go study a language abroad or at an American institution that offers the language.  This is usually offered for less commonly taught languages.   UGA has this grant available for undergraduate and graduate students in the summer and school year for indigenous languages in Latin America, Haitian Creole, and you guessed it … Portuguese.  So why not give it a shot?

Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in some free time during winter break!

Good luck on finals and Happy Holidays!


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