“Endings” series: leaving for a new apartment

By: Rachel

I have been renting from my best friend’s for almost a year, and now it’s time for me to settle into my new apartment because my friend is going to have another baby. it’s been pretty crazy with moving everything. I really have a ton of stuff. But it’s so important! I have lots of piano music for my piano studio, so much literature from my English major days, music therapy textbooks, albinism and psychological disorder resources, my pink and flamingo collections, and I’m going to have a leopard print living room. I might have too many interests. :-) people are so kind to help me move yesterday and today I’m going to start unpacking everything. If I don’t get too overwhelmed. Sometimes the depression makes me really exhausted so that it’s hard to do things like unpack, even harder than it would be if I didn’t have depression. But I’m going to try very hard.

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