Errands Day

Errands Day

I’m sitting here jamming out with headphones listening to Demi with my dad at a place called Advantage Mobility Outfitters and am so bored haha. They convert vans to have lifts and ramps so you can get a wheelchair inside.  Our van is rear entry and has a ramp. It’s been working really slowly so my dad wanted to get it checked out. I’m pretty sure it’s just cold. But whatever. :)

This morning I got up at 7 (ugh) to head out to Ann Arbor. My left hearing aid has sounded muffled for about a month now. The audiologist was able to clean it which helped a little. But it was still muffled so it’s being sent for repairs / deep cleaning.

After that my dad and I headed over to the cafeteria to grab a bagel.  I had a plain bagel warmed up in the microwave. It was yummy!  I had wanted to get a latte because they used to have a Starbucks kiosk right there. Well it’s gone now :(

We then headed over to MedEquip which is who supplies all my vent and oxygen stuff. I’ve been getting a red mark on my neck from the vent mask straps. I wanted to try a different headgear style but apparently there is only one kind. Blah. I was given this little gel pad thing to put on my neck… We’ll see if that helps.

That leads me back to where we started, at the van place haha. My dad had said we could walk over to Wendy’s since it’s next door, but the sidewalk isn’t cleared. :( I can see it, “taunting” me haha. Hopefully we will finish soon. I’m getting hungry!

Well, I better go so my phone doesn’t die.  It’s at 33% but who knows how long we will be here haha.

Happy President’s Day!

Errands Day

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