Excerpt from Taranaki Daily News!

By: Erica

Excerpt from Taranaki Daily News!

Three toes and size 12 children’s feet won’t stop Erica Perry and her plans to run a half marathon.

 Erica Perry says making it through a day in the world with a disability is her big goal and achieving anything else on top of that is a bonus.

That’s why Perry has decided to make her “little goal” for the year to train for and complete a half marathon.

“If I can do it on size 12 children’s running shoes with missing toes anyone can do it,” Perry said.

“I know in my head I can do it – as long as I have that then I believe I can.” The  idea of running a half marathon arose when someone asked Perry what her goal for the year was.

“I wanted a goal. I didn’t want to be a 30-something year old eating chips on the couch in winter,” she said.

“I wanted to motivate myself, and be a motivation for others, to tell the world that any, any, any person can do anything.”

 Perry said she sees herself as a “pretty positive person” and hopes she might inspire others.

“If I’m out running on the street, and someone sees me they might say ‘oh wow that’s awesome’.”

Perry hasn’t participated in any running events before and has started off her training by going to the gym two days a week.

She’s still unsure which half marathon event she will compete in, but she has her eye on the Mountain to Surf Marathon in March 2019.

Perry is also looking for a training buddy to join her on her half marathon journey too.

“I’m not very fast, and can’t go for very long at the moment,” she laughed, but encouraged people to get in contact with her if they were interested.

On top of starting to train from scratch, Perry is also planning to fundraise money for the international non-profit organisation that has done so much for her.

The Foundation for Nager and Miller Syndromes is an organisation that Perry said has given to her and other people with the same syndrome for years – “so I wanted to give something back”.


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