Family Movie Night

By: Grace

I am sitting here listening to a song from Teen Beach Movie called “Meant To Be.”  I like this song a lot.

Tonight is “family movie night” in my house. Every Friday we make homemade pizza and watch a movie.  This week it is “Beauty and the Beast.”  My dad never saw it and really wants to watch it tonight.  We did see the musical in New York City though. I am upset because my parents are making me go to this thing called Teen Night, before our family movie night.  It happens once a month and it is where teens with disabilities get together to hang out.  I don’t like to do anything that is just for people with disabilities. I think I should be able to be with all kids.  My parents think it is good for me to meet friends.  But I have a lot of friends and I do not need more.  Do you feel the same way about your parents?  If you do please tell me.

Did I tell you that I tried out for our school musical and play?  I did not get a part in either of them.  I am really upset.  Belonging to theater is really important to me.  I would like to be an actress someday.  It is hard because theater is the one thing that I can do at school.

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