Favorite Travel Destination

My favorite travel destination is probably Fire Island because it is so glamorous with all the water taxis coming and going for hours. I especially like the lights of the water taxis, as they are so picturesque. I have visited Fire Island for the last three years, and I have absolutely fallen in love the whole community of Fire Island. I have met many interesting people over time and made lasting friendships. I have many memories on Fire Island both positive and negative. From breakups, to creating lasting friendships, Fire Island will forever be special place in my life.

One of my favorite things to do while visiting is dining at the many great restaurants in the area. My favorite restaurant is called Top of the Bay. I enjoy the ambiance, steaks, and tasty drinks there. Other things I enjoy doing on Fire Island include long walks on the beach. While my walks are challenging, I enjoy the scenery and it’s a good exercise. While I have loads of fun during the day, I like to catch up on sleep as Fire Island is so peaceful and quiet compared to the city. Overall, I am grateful to visit Fire Island during summer when I get the opportunity, and I look forward to creating more memories there.


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