February favorites

By: Morgan

February favorites

I am loved and I will give love was my mantra this month.

Didn’t read much this month. On my 2 week trip in Florida, I will finish The Girl in Times Square by Paulina Simmons and probably two or three more. I’ve been listening to country artist Maren Morris. Watching the middle of Coltons season of The Bachelor. I spent the majority of February eating vegetables and enjoying wine at the end of the night. I am proud to say I’ve been loving chapstick and actually finished the Fresh Company lip balm in rose. I particularly am over the snow and dreaded looking at my bank account this month. I’m dreaming of the day I have a love to spend Valentines with. (Besides Dewey), Beyond My Battle started planning an Art show for May! Check out my link below.

I have been improving stretching and giving my time to family and friends including birthdays and my Dad’s Retirement. Ive also been trying to better my smoothie recipes to make Green Juice and enjoying being a food connoisseur as cooking is one of my favorite things.

See you next Sunday, while I’m in Florida celebrating Dewey’s birthday with my 92-year-old grandma!


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