Festival Internacional Para Pianistas con Discapacidad

By: David

Festival Internacional Para Pianistas con Discapacidad

Muy feliz de haber participado en el Festival Internacional para pianistas con discapacidad que se llevó a cabo en Nueva York el pasado 3 de Diciembre. Obtuve un segundo lugar entre todos los participantes de 14 países y dos primeros lugares en diferentes competencias.

El tema de este Festival era “America the beautiful” y toqué a 4 manos con mi papá un arreglo especial compuesto para esta ocasión.

Very happy to have participated in the International Festival for pianists with disabilities that took place in New York last December 3rd. I obtained a second place among all participants from 14 countries and two first places in different competitions.
The theme of this Festival was “America the beautiful” and I played at 4 hands with my dad a special arrangement composed for this occasion.

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  1. Charlotte July 13, 2019 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Just listened to the piece you posted on your bio…it was so beautiful!! I also play piano and definitely want to learn that piece.

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