Fighting for light

By: Rachel

Fighting for light

Having albinism makes me not like the sun– it hurts my eyes,  it’s bad for my skin, and frankly,  I feel kind of blind in the sun.

So the light I’m fighting for in the title is inside me, definitely not the sun or florescent lights!

I feel like this darkness settles on me and I can’t see reasons to be thankful or happy, and my perspective is turned in on myself so that I can’t see things clearly.

I don’t always feel depressed like this– sometimes I feel happy. But sometimes I’m so sad I feel like I’m being crushed.

It can be triggered by something someone says,  by a change in my life, by an argument, or by feeling left out.

But I still go to work, I take care of my pets,  I eat,  I go to church,  I pray: I’m fighting for light.

It helps to have someone fighting with and for me.  It helps to force myself to see people.

And almost Always,  I try to make the people around me smile. I hope this past week remind us to help each other and respect each other.

I decided a long time ago that whether I was going to be happy or not,  I can still help other people be happy.  I’m fighting for their light, too.

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