First Blog Entry–A Day in the Life of Rachel

By: Rachel

My alarm clock goes off–If it’s only 5:20, that means I can still hit snooze. 

Eventually, I have to get up to catch the bus to grad school. I don’t mind buses–once I’m on them and not waiting in windy, Minnesota 20 degree weather for them to pick me up. What makes the wait better is either praying or chatting to a friend I made on the bus this year. She’s heading to the same place as I am, so we chat at the transfer point.

At school, I warm up for guitar class or meet with a professor, depending on the day. I will present in at least one of my classes, if not more. Between classes, I wait with my awesome cohort (and probably cram on some assignment together). There are only three of us, and we are inseparable. I’m so thankful for their community.

One night per week I get together with my old friends from undergrad and church, and we sit at Caribou and do homework or projects together. I have a night class once per week, and I have practicum once per week, which is when I actually work with clients, doing music therapy in a clinic. Doing what I am in training for can be even more rewarding than getting an A on a test because I love clients and interacting with them.

Since the end of 10th grade, I have taught piano lessons, and this is the first semester that I had 9 students at once. Next semester I will break my record and have 13. I plan to always teach piano on the side of being a music therapist.

By the end of my day–sometimes it’s 12 and sometimes it’s 9pm–I am always happy to return home and go to bed. Right now I’m excited that I just started Christmas break before next semester starts up.

Thank you!


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  1. Kiersten Zhang January 4, 2018 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    It is very nice to hear about your life in grad school! Keep up with the good work!

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