First Day of School

By: Owen

First Day of School

This Summer Owen turned 5!  So we had to decide if we thought he was ready for Kindergarten or if we wanted him to have one more year of preschool.  It was a tough position to be in because I felt pressure from teachers and friends who all felt Owen would do well in Kindergarten and would benefit from being in a full day classroom vs. his 2 1/2 hour day at preschool.  He also knows all the things he needs to know to start Kindergarten.  In the end as his parents we felt he needed another year of preschool just to grow a little bit (and maybe just so his mommy could spend a bit more time with him before he is in Big Boy school!).

First Day of School 1

I was so excited to take Owen’s picture for his first day.  I even printed up a flag and decorated our chalkboard.  I am hardly ever prepared enough to plan photos ahead of time.  Sadly, he was not nearly as happy about having his picture taken as he was about going to school!

As you can see, one of my favorite books is “Oh the Places You Will Go” By Dr. Suess.  I truly believe our little guy has a big future and each year on the first day of school I am reminded of just that.  We also have a copy of the book which we have his teachers sign at the end of each year.  The hope is that I can keep organized until he graduates High School and he will have this wonderful book signed by all the people who helped him along the way.

After all the picture taking and the long drive to school, Owen was very happy when we arrived.  Even better, Daddy met us there to walk Owen in for his first day!

First Day of School  2

Owen has been back in school for over a month now.  He is so happy every day when I take him to his class.  He has friends that know him and love him just the way he is.  I am so thankful we made the decision to give him one more year of preschool with this great group of kiddos.  Yesterday when I picked him up he said “bye, bye” to one of his classmates.  Bye is one of the only things he can really say so it always makes my heart smile when he is able to communicate with them.  She smiled shyly, took a few steps and suddenly shouted, “Bye Owen, I LOVE YOU!!!!”  In that moment I decided to stop worrying if we made the right choice.  He is in a place where he is supported and loved.  What more could we ask for?

First Day of School 3

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