Fort Bend County Fair 2019

By: Mia

I’ve been super super busy lately getting ready for the Fort Bend County Fair, walking my pig, Maybelle, and my steer, Sammy. I’m super excited to say that I got 1st place with my pig and 5th place with my steer!!! The time raising them flew by and I’m sad that they are leaving this Sunday morning . This time around was an amazing experience since it was my first time having a pig and a steer at the same time! I cant believe the whole summer is already over and we are 2 months into school. So, at the fair, there was a lot of running around because my 2 animals were on opposite sides of the barn and I had to deal with the different show times and that got kinda crazy. I got to the fair with Sammy on thursday right after school and had to check him in. After that I just had to hang out with him all day friday until saturday, when I brought my pig to the fair. Also on saturday, I showed my steer. I did get last place in my class, 5th, but it was still an amazing experience. Part of the reason Sammy and I were having trouble was because I was so nervous, I even felt nauseous. I think Sammy noticed and became anxious because I was. Since he does have to stand still in the show arena, the loud announcers and new people became even more stressful for him with the extra nervousness. Although we didnt do amazing in the 1st show, I did qualify for something called showmanship, where you are judged on presentation rather than your steer. Even though I did qualify, I didnt know it at first so I didnt make it in time!! That was a little upsetting, but oh well ‍♀️. The next day, Sunday, I had the pig show and I managed to calm my nerves so that Maybelle would be calm as well. I think that helped A LOT, because Maybelle did so good in her show and got first place! She went onto the next show to compete for champion of her breed, durocs, but she didnt make it. I was totally fine with that and still super proud of her! On thursday both Sammy and Maybelle went to the livestock auction, since they placed pretty good. Both of my animals stayed at the fair for another week. I’m so sad I’m not there to see them off when they leave today since I’m coming back from Rick’s opening in New York, but I’m super excited I was given the opportunity to come to the gallery! Overall, the fair was an amazing experience and I’m glad to have had 2 sweet animals to share the journey with.

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