Freshman in High School

By: Talia

On Friday, I went to Banyan High School in Little Falls, NJ. At Banyan High School.  I am in Mrs. Liberman’s homeroom with an assistant named Ms. Kiwior.  At Banyan High School on Friday, I had math, english, spanish, PE, fitness, guitar, history, and science.  I also have art, public speaking, health, fitness, chorus, PE, guitar, spanish, english, math, writing, nurtution, science, history, and more classes.  I am in 9th grade and I am a freshman in high school.
Name Game:
Try these tricks for remembering names of new people I will meet in high school:
Someone says to me, “Hi, I’m someone’s name, but everyone calls me someone’s name”.  To make sure I remember someone’s name, I can Say it. “Hey, . I’m Talia” or “Nice to meet you”
Repeat it a few times in my mind.  (Do not say this out loud) Awkward!!!
Ask her or him to repeat it.  “Sorry- I didn’t catch your name”, “Oops- tell me your name again!”  Write it down in a journal or a diary.  Dear Diary, I met a new friend in high school today- Someone’s name.  Make up a reminder- especially one that uses the first letter of the person’s name.  I met someone new at school today.  I also use a combination of them.  Have fun making new friends and being the girl who always knows names.  People love being remembered!  I can shine, too!

Animal shelters can use lots of thoughtful items- some as simple as paper towels. Ask for a list of necessities, and think of ways I might be able to help.

Refuel: Have a headache? Feel sleepy?  Sometimes this means my body needs water or a snack.  When I get home, I drink at least one glass of water (or more if I’ve been active) and eat a snack.

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