Fun Friday

Fun Friday

Day 4 0f 365 Days of Me:

I woke up with major bed head this morning – messy hair, but at least I was happy. I ate, played with a sparkly Christmas ball ornament for a little while and then I wanted a car ride. My mom drove me through our usual route and when we returned, I wanted to go again.

My mom and my friend, Anna Celeste, decided to get me dressed so we could begin our “Fun Friday” adventures. First, we went to visit my dad at work and dropped off some lunch. Next, we went to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts where my mom bought me some doughnut holes. I really wasn’t interested in them or the doughnuts, so I turned my head away each time Anna Celeste tried to give me a taste. My mom said it was okay if I did not want to try them. The goal for every adventure is to take me out into the community for new, fun experiences. Sometimes I do not think I am going to have fun, but I do!

Our last adventure of the day was a trip to Hobby Lobby where we bought some crafty items. I enjoyed looking at all the crafts and decorations. Once we finished shopping, we returned home, and my mom cooked some spaghetti and meat sauce just for me. She also made some garlic bread. These are two of my favorites, so I was super happy.

Overall, it really was a fun Friday!

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  1. Positive Exposure January 5, 2019 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    Hi Sam: Your fun fridays are awesome.. Love Krispy Kreme!!!

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