Getting My Cast Off

By: Mia

Last Monday I got my cast off. I’m super excited that I got to get it off. I only have to wait two weeks to be able to get back to playing volleyball again. When I first got my cast off it felt really weak and unstabilized. It was also very refreshing to not have a hot bubble around my arm anymore. Having my cast off helped me be able to do a lot of things easier than I could with the cast on. I have now broken two bones in my life and I hope I don’t break anymore. Also, I got my cast off just in time to go skiing in about two and a half weeks.

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  1. pearls2017 September 21, 2017 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    Hi Mia! My name is Genie and I go to the Central Academy of Technology and Arts which is located in Monroe, NC. Specifically, I am in the medical academy as I want to continue on in my education and eventually major in Health Care Administration. I saw your blog, and had to comment back as I too play sports and know the struggle of being on the side lines for a while due to injury. During my sophomore year of high school i received a concussion during travel ball (i played softball at the time) and wasn’t able to play for six months! Like you said, I hope you don’t get hurt again!!!

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