Go Bulldogs!

By: Talia

Today was a great day because I had to cheer on B Bulldogs on their basketball team.  I’m a pep squad cheerleader with my pep squad cheerleaders Kim, Alexandra, Patrick, and Shannon.  My pep squad coach is also the psychology teacher.  I have psychology in high school too!  But our team lost.  The other team won.  The other team was called the C School Badgers.  I like to have school spirit.

Yesterday I had a volunteer job at the town library with my partner Maris.  I met two 11th graders named Kavi and Elizabeth.  One is 17 years old.  The other is 16 years old.  I also met a 7th grader named Sam.  Sam is probably 12 or 13 years old.  Sam is in middle school.  They are also volunteers at the library for the same volunteer job.  Then I had piano/vocal with Miss Judy.

On Monday, I went to the mall with Maris and Cole.  I bought fashion glasses from Claire’s at the mall.  I also went to get frozen yogurt at YCBY.  I also went to Starbucks to get a Frappacino and sandwich at the mall.  It was delicious.

Read my blog everyday including my mom too!  Let’s go Bulldogs!

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