Getting Around

Hey, I hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m relaxing today. Yesterday I did something a little different and went to The Henry Ford Museum with Danielle and my friend Ryan from work. He’s new to the area so I was like you definitely need to check out the museum sometime. Danielle came and picked me up and then we met him at the museum. I really wanted Danielle to come along for a few reasons. First, she knows where things are in the museum and I don’t haha. Even though I’ve been there a million times I always forget where stuff is.  Whoops. Second, she knows to point out steps or curbs that I might miss because of my vision. I may or may not have accidentally driven my chair down some steps over there a few years ago. I was trying to get out of the way and didn’t realize how close I was to the steps so the left side of my chair went down the steps and the right didn’t. It was kinda terrifying lol. So, since Ryan doesn’t know me that well yet I figured it would be helpful to have Danielle around haha.  She was also helpful when we went through one of the exhibits. It’s the Dymaxion House.  Google it when you have a chance.  The reason Danielle was helpful during that exhibit is because I couldn’t take my chair inside. It’s too tight so I had to walk. About halfway through I got tired and had to hold her hand for support. That would have been awkward if I had to ask Ryan hahaha. Well it wouldn’t have been THAT bad…. Lol. It’s cool because he was able to see what it’s like to be me in a relaxed setting. Technically part of his program is to learn about what it’s like to have a disability. I’m not his official mentor though so this was strictly a friend-hangout.  We only walked for about 5-10mins but oh man. I was exhausted/out of breath for like 15 mins after I got back in my chair.  Danielle confirmed that the distance we walked is about my max when we’re going out to eat or whatever. So I was glad she was there to help out.  After we finished in that exhibit we went and got snacks in the small cafe area. That was fun because we were able to hangout and talk.  It was awesome!

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