Grace’s Intro

Grace is 11 and in 4th grade. She is in a very cool technological classroom this year in which she has her own iPad and laptop for classroom use, while the teacher uses a smart board for instruction.  Outside of school, Grace loves to swim and horseback ride. When she is home, she enjoys spending time with her big brother — who is 18 and a senior in high school — as well as her two dogs and two cats.


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    I would like to ask her about her participation in the different activities she is involved in, and which one she feels the most like herself in?
    I would also like to ask her what character either from Matilda, her favorite TV shows, or books that she reads she feels like she can identify the most with and why?
    I would like to ask Grace who her role models are and where she gets her confidence from. Also, what genres she enjoys reading, watching, acting/performing and why.
    I would also like to ask Grace, what about acting/theatre does she love so much and why?
    Let’s also ask her about her favorite trip she’s taken and what her bucket list of places to travel are.

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      I like acting, swimming, horseback riding, and singing. I feel great when I am acting.

      I mostly identify with Matilda because she is strong and confident. Also I like to read and I am a good reader, just like Matilda.

      I most admire Malala and my friend Erin. I look up to Malala because she believes girls should be educated and I do too. I want to help make that happen for all girls. I admire Erin because she is so kind and thoughtful.

      I love musicals because I like singing and dancing. I like to watch some shows on Disney Channel and I love to watch romantic comedies. I just watched Four Weddings and A Funeral and Notting Hill. My favorite romantic comedy is The Holiday. I just love the romance. I also like reading and watching Harry Potter books and movies. Mostly I like to read biographies or novels about a person’s life, like Little House on the Prairie and Fly Girl, always where there is a strong girl character.

      I like being on the stage. I like being able to step into another person’s shoes. It makes me feel like a normal person and not a person with a disability.

      My favorite trips are to NYC so that I can go see musicals. I have seen School of Rock, Matilda, Beauty & the Beast, and Wicked in NYC. I have been to lots of places like London, Oxford, and Windsor England, Munich Germany, Salzburg Austria, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Toronto, NYC, Massachusetts, Gettysburg, Washington DC, Chicago, Orlando & Sanibel Island, and Mansfield Missouri.

      I really want to go to Hawaii, California, Las Vega, and The Bahamas.

      Thank you for your questions. I’m glad you know a little about me. I do have differences but I’m not really different in the important ways.


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