By: Talia

On Monday, I graduated from the Forum School in Waldwick, NJ and I am going to Banyan High School in Little Falls, NJ next year. For the graduation, I got a diploma from the Forum School principal Brian and a retired principal from the Forum School Steve with his dog Governor. They both shook hands to me. I also shook hands with them. I also got a swimming award for passing level 4 this year, a chorus award for being a soprano and a very great singer, a graduation autograph book from my teachers Amanda P, Tom M, Alex D, and Brendan M, a graduation photo album with letters from people at my old school the Forum School, photos of me and my friends, an IPod Nano from my grandmother (Dad’s mother), an graduation monkey from Grandma (Dad’s mother) (it’s not a real monkey it is a toy monkey), an Pete Seeger album, a Frozen album from my crush, a Graduation happy face pen from my teacher Brendan M, a blue pen from my teachers, and more things!

Tuesday, I had to go to the dentist in Midland Park, NJ, went to school, I had language arts, math, science, speech, OT, and social studies. In social studies I finished my book, in language arts I wrote in my school journal, wrote thank you notes to my teacher Amanda, my classmate James, and a assistant Loretta, science I learned about DNA, in speech I played a game called Safety skills, in OT I helped a student named Sid and he is in Linda’s class, and I wrote in cursive and Sid wrote in regular writing, in math I had some corrections to make, exploratory class I looked at the school’s garden near the life skills center, and music I listened my favorite songs You belong with me by Taylor Swift and Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. The boys listened to Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi and Hotel California by The Eagles. My crush is going to have a concert at school on the last day of school and he is going to play Hotel California.

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