Growing Up Lonely

By: Bailey

Growing Up Lonely

A little girl with a sunshine smile
Crazy blonde curls and eyes that dream
She stares out her window
And wonders “what’s wrong with me?

She looks in the mirror and hates what she sees
Imperfect skin and flaws that scream
“I’m ugly!  I’m worthless!
Who could ever love me?”

Sure she has friends, some of the best
And her family thinks she’s an absolute beauty
Yet little girl can’t see what they see
So she spends her time growing up lonely

“If only i could be confident like Noelle or Evie
Or a gorgeous girl like Christine
If I could just have a guy notice someone like me
Maybe I’d feel ok with being Bailey”

She continued on this downward spiral
Not seeing what others knew her to be
Until she heard a whispering
“My Child, just ask me”

Perplexed as to why she kept hearing this voice
She finally said tell me.
“My Child, I’m your Creator
And you are everything I dreamed”

“From the wishes you hope to your sunshine smile
From your imperfect skin to the flaws that scream
You are My precious Child
With crazy blonde curls and eyes that dream”

 “Don’t ever wish you were someone else
Like Christine, Evie or Noelle
For nothing can be sweeter or bring Me greater joy
Than when you are simply being yourself”

“I know you’ve felt like an outcast
And that you thought you were growing up lonely
But I’ve always been at your side
You just didn’t notice Me”

 “I have loved you before time began
And that love cannot be severed
I hope you begin to see your beauty
And learn to trust in Me forever”

Little girl’s heart filled with love
And those blue eyes welled up with tears
For now she was feeling confident
As her Creator was erasing her fears

She had the ultimate Man who noticed her
She took His breath away!
When she looked in the mirror this time
Being Bailey felt so great!

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