Growing up with 18q deletion syndrome

By: Lucia

I got diagnosed when I was a baby. I had difficulty feeding, low muscle tone, frequent ear infections, narrow ear canal and a mild heart murmur.

I didn’t walk until I was 2 years old. I had difficulty making friends and asking people for what I wanted. I felt a bit excluded in high school, but things got better.

I liked english and science at high school, but was never good at maths. I liked most of  my teachers and they were caring( for the most part). I received learning support on and off in primary and high school. This really helped my academic skills and confidence.

I participated in two social programs in the final years of high school  called Bungee art therapy and volunteered at a special school. These programs made me feel unique and helped my confidence. I made some  friends and no one bullied me. 

I felt like I was ready for the big wide world. 

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