Halina’s Birthday Party

On March 14th (pi day) my baby sister, Halina celebrated her first birthday with a party.  It was a lot of fun because I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in about a year, plus I hung out with a someone I didn’t realize I had so much in common with—she and I met in dance class years ago (she’s average size, as are most of my friends).  Ironic situation with this friend Olivia is that about 18 months ago her mom gave birth to a little boy with achondroplasia (same type of dwarfism I have—it’s the most common).  Halina has had a few playdates with this 18 month old boy and he too was at the party.  He had surgery just the day before (ear tubes) but didn’t want to miss the party and he was in great spirits.

At Halina’s party I learned something…did you know that Oreo cookies do not have milk in them?  I didn’t know this.  My friend Clare is allergic to dairy but was excited to see Oreos on the counter when the ice cream cake came out—she enjoyed a handful while everyone else had the ice cream cake.

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