Hanging out with my brother!

I got invite to go hang out with my brother, Andrew girlfriend, Stacey and her niece Brooklynn. We went down to Delaware to visited my grandma. We left Sunday night after we ate dinner. Then we left at 8. Didn’t get to my grandma house at 10.

On Monday, July 12 we went to the beach.

After the beach we went to the pool to go swimming more. Brooklynn is definitely a social bug and made lots of new friends. Then we went back to my grandma house to get clean up. We went to the boardwalk and we went to Funland. Brooklynn went on rides. Stacey and I got on some rides. The last ride were rode. We were the first one on and the last one to get off. That was fine with me. Then we got ice cream at 10:30. Then we went home to go to sleep.

On Tuesday July 13 we went to the pool for 2 hours and then we went home. Then we got in at 6.

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