Happy 2024!

By: Becky

Hey everyone happy new year. Wow it’s already 2024. I’m still doing cheer abilities cheerleading in Canada and my team is non competitive. I’m hoping in the future I can tryout for a competitive cheer abilities team with a gym that offers that division. Last year for cheerleading we performed our routine at three different competitions. We did everything by ourselves it was fun. I also went to the chromosome18 conference which was a lot of fun to see my friends again. It was so nice to see them in person again. We did our gym showcase in November and we probably had the largest crowd since we were right after the first world cheerleading showcase for our gym. We got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. My Christmas was great had fun spending it with my family. My New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet and I didn’t stay up til midnight. I would say my favourite thing about 2023 was going to see the Taylor Swift eras tour in theatre Dec 13 with my friend it was a lot of fun.  My favourite things to do is listening to music,reading, being independent with social outings and cooking. Can’t wait to blog more this year and all my crazy adventures.

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