Happy New Year Everyone!

By: Byron

Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the last few weeks many things have happened. For starters on the last day of school before going on break I was taking out my iPad Air from my backpack when it fell on the floor and the entire screen shattered. It sucks because I only had that iPad for about three weeks. We are in the process of trying to get it fixed, but because we didn’t get a warranty on it when we bought it.  It’s going to be very difficult to fix it for not that much money.

On the other hand my sister came up from collage in NYC to spend a week at my house in the Boston area. It was very fun because it was her first time coming to our new house and she got to see everything that we have. For the next couple of days my sister and I made cookie dough, which we then made into about 75 to 100 cookies.

When Christmas came we opened all the presents. Only one or two I didn’t know what they were. The rest I had wrapped and put under the tree. The two presents that I didn’t know were pretty cool I got a ride in an Indy car at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The other one I got was a Pac- Man machine to put next to the Monopoly Pinball Machine we have in our living room. After opening our presents we cleaned up the house and made more cookies.

A few days after Christmas my sister and I got on a plane to DC where we were going to spend New Year’s Eve with our mom. It was nice to go back to DC, I realized how much I missed it. On New Year’s Eve, my mom, step dad, sister, and I went to the Kennedy Center in DC where we went to see a musical of the film Elf. After the play we had an hour and a half until midnight. The Kennedy Center pretty much had a big party up until then with bands and lots of stuff to do. At midnight there was a huge celebration then we left and went home.

Yesterday and today I had off from school because of snow. I’m vey happy about that, but my dad isn’t. He likes to work all the time and thinks it’s not good to have snow days. Because of that the last two days when I’ve had off of school I’ve been given lots of work from him as if I am in school. Not fun. Looking forward to February break.

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