Harry Potter Quiz

I have an obsession with the Harry Potter series. I’ve even created my own quiz for what house would you be put in. It has ten questions, so percentages are easy to find. For those of you that know about Harry Potter, I am 60% Ravenclaw, 30% Hufflepuff, and 10% Gryffindor. Irina is 50% Hufflepuff, 20% Slytherin, 20% Gryffindor, and 10% Ravenclaw. Talia is 50% Hufflepuff, 40% Ravenclaw, and 10% Gryffindor. I know she has some Slytherin in her, though.

Gryffindor- For the Brave and Proud
Slytherin- For the mean, and evil
Hufflepuff- For the kind and caring
Ravenclaw- For the bright and intelligent

Which house do you think you would be put in?

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