Having a wonderful time in Siesta Key Florida!

By: Talia

Having a wonderful time in Siesta Key Florida!
Hi, everyone!
This is Talia. I am having a wonderful time in Siesta Key Florida! Here’s my first week in Siesta Key Florida!!
On Sunday March 8th, I went to the TF Green Airport at the early morning side and I took Southwest Airlines to Fort Myers, Florida. Then, Grandma reunited with me at baggage claim and we waited for my rose gold suitcase. Then, I took my suitcase and we went to the driver/private hire named Renée. He was very nice and he knew where we were going which was Siesta Key Florida. I went to Toasted Mango and it was amazing.
On Monday March 9th, I went to SILLS and it was a music lecture on a female violinist. She was very talented. I went out for lunch with Marlene and grandma at TooJay’s. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a Shirley Temple. Then, we went shopping in Siesta Key Florida and I bought a Puka necklace, puka bracelet and a blue SPF long sleeved shirt.
On Tuesday March 10th, I went to get my manicure done and the color I chose was yellow. Yellow is now my new favorite color, because it’s the signs of girls Supporting Girls, mental health and embracing differences. Then I went to the pool and it was a refreshing week so far.
On Wednesday March 11th, I went to Embracing Our Differences. It was very interesting and I saw a black and white photo of Stephen Hawking. I also went to O’Leary’s and I got a Root Beer. The Root Beer was very delicious. There was a guy who was playing oldies live at O’Leary’s and he was very talented. I also went to Doctor Jack J. Wazen and he finally fixed my hearing aids. He remembers me still and I am happy. I also went to Rosemary’s and I had strawberry cheesecake crepes. It was very delicious. After, I went to the pool and swam.
On Thursday March 12, I went to get my pedicure and I got the color yellow again! It was very relaxing. Then I went to the Village Café and I had the Sweet Potato pancakes. It was interesting and delicious. I had a chocolate milk and it was very delicious. I also went to the pool for a bit and it was very refreshing.
I hope you have a great week despite the ugly new virus around the world. Be safe and sound!

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  1. amyh April 3, 2020 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    I went to the Florida Keys last year. There were so many chickens and roosters everywhere. It was also very hot, so I had to wear my gear (my hat and gloves that cover me up from the sun because of my XP). But, I didn’t mind. What are you doing during the quarantine?

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