Hello everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t written in over a month. My mom went to NYC for back surgery on the 26th of January and she still hasn’t come back, it feels like she’s been gone forever. On the 5th of February I started rehearsals for APPELL: The Other Side of The Fence, which is a play about the Holocaust. Appeal means “role call” in German, and this play is the people telling their story as they wait hours upon hours during role call. I finally got the full script on Saturday and I’m trying to memorize my lines. We open March 8th, which means we only had a month or so of rehearsal, which is crazy, and I am really nervous that I’m not going to be ready in time. I’ve never worked with anyone else in the cast so it’s exciting to meet a bunch of new people. Surprisingly I’ve already got everyone’s name memorized, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. When we are rehearsing the show, it drains a lot of energy from you, and honestly all I want to do is sleep afterwards- which is quite inconvenient. I hope everyone is doing well.


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