Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

I’m hanging out on the University of Michigan campus so I thought I’d do a quick blog :) I’m volunteering with a group on campus that just had an art show dedicated to disability awareness, and my job is to sign the artists in when they arrive.  Everyone around me is hard at work wrapping up the pieces or peeling tape off the floor and I’m just chilling drinking my Starbucks Chai Tea Latte haha.

Things have been pretty good lately.  Since I still don’t have a job I’ve been home alone a lot.  At first I didn’t like it, but I have a routine now.  I’m up and dressed before my parents leave for work around 8am.  Then I do my meds (2 inhalers, 1 liquid syringe, 2 pills, and if I’m good something called CoughAssist).  The CoughAssist forces air into my lungs and then sucks it out, which is supposed to help me cough up any junk in my lungs.  I’m really good about doing it when I’m sick.  When I’m healthy, not so much :)  After the meds are done I get settled in our family room.  This is where I spend most of the day.  I have my parents set up my laptop in there so I can have the TV on and just be more aware of what’s going on around me.  Unfortunately, we were broken into in August so now I like to be able to keep an eye on everything.  We weren’t home when it happened, and the person only got a few things, which is likely because our dog scared them away!  She’s not a big dog (golden retriever / collie mix) but she stood her ground!  Speaking of my dog, I totally spoil her.  I almost always set up a blanket on the floor in the family room in case she want’s to relax / nap near me.  Or, if she’s in my parents’ room I will go turn on Pandora’s relaxation radio for her :)  Anyways, I’ve gotten into watching Live! With Kelly & Michael.  The next show is The Doctors which is sometimes interesting.  By the time The View is on I’m not paying attention very much haha. I then go make lunch.  My favorite is Morning Star Chik’N nuggets.  This summer I got a countertop oven so I can actually make them myself! I will go into more detail about my oven in another post.  While I eat I watch the news and then Right This Minute.  That show is great- tons of viral videos.  Once that is over I switch over to ABC Family and watch Reba and Boy Meets World.  It’s great!  I also love going on Pinterest (I’m addicted I think).  It probably sounds like I do nothing all day, but I promise I do get work done :D

Well, now you know what I do on a daily basis haha.

Until next time,


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