Cassandra’s Introduction

My name is Cassandra! I’m a second year college student studying computer science and engineering at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. I’m obsessed with coffee, lipstick, and music. On campus I’m involved in h20 (a church on campus), in a sorority, and an honors society for engineers. Off campus, I’m involved in several advocacy/education groups for my various conditions pertaining to my rare disease, Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome. I’m often loud, optimistic, excitable, and spontaneous, as well as snarky, cynical, witty, and passionate. More often that not, I’m very “go with the flow” and am chronically late to almost everything. I love Disney and my spirit animal is the phoenix. I’m a firm believer in living your life with no regrets and finding a place where you are celebrated for being you.

I also have a guide dog! Her name is Romana, and she’s a two year old yellow lab from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. She and I have been taking on the world together since August 2016. She loves to work (by taking me places), and when her “shift” is over, she enjoys running around, playing tug, chewing bones, getting pet, and sleeping. Since she’s a service dog and allows me to be more independent, she’s allowed to go everywhere with me and shares a room with my roommate and I in our sorority house.

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