Here is a new update…

Hey everyone, sorry for taking awhile to do another post. Things have been… chaotic. The highlights include: getting stuck on the bus for like 2 hours, family stuff, finding out my friend is moving far away, and of course work stuff.
Medically I’m pretty stable. Still struggling with feeling really tired and sleeping on the vent more but I’m coming to the conclusion that’s just what my body needs. It needs the extra support sometimes. I also have times where I feel like I can’t control my breathing but it helps knowing that this is likely just a part of my adrenal insufficiency. So I know it’ll pass eventually. Especially if I go on the vent- that helps my body to calm down and regulate itself.
The bus incident was rough. Basically, the driver of the bus didn’t really understand how to undo the tie-downs for my Wheelchair and I literally could not move my chair. My wheels were spinning. The driver didn’t want to call for help and was getting frustrated with the situation. He actually tried to move my wheelchair by pushing and pulling on my armrest. I was like this chair cannot move- it’s stuck. He finally got one of the straps undone but by this time I was getting really frustrated. The whole time I was texting my family to keep them updated on what was happening. My mom decided to call the campus police (we were parked on campus) to see if they could help. 4 officers came to the “scene” and stayed with me until I was safely off the bus. One of the officers decided to just cut the stubborn strap (like I had suggested the driver do from the beginning). But of course then the lift didn’t work. A mechanic had to be called and it was just a mess. They finally got it working and I was free! It was about this time that my mom was able to get to me- she had been in a training class. I was so thankful for the campus police because I had “backup”. I’ve contacted the University and the bus company and have been assured changes in driver training will be made. I’ve ridden the bus once since then and while I didn’t get stuck it was still kinda iffy. Which is frustrating   :/ Not using the bus means that my parents have to drive me to/from work in addition to going to their work. Both of them work full-time and it’s just hard.
Family stuff and work stuff is too complicated to go into here but it adds stress. lol.
The friend that’s moving away? My friend Ryan. ????He’s moving for a job but he’ll be around for a bit longer than I initially thought because of his apartment lease. So yay! We’ll be able to hangout this summer. He wants to come to a conference in July which I’m excited about! It’s a conference for families / people with similar conditions that I have. There’s actually going to be a “Prom” and he wants to come with me. ???? So hopefully that will work out. I’ll be sure to be better about posting updates and pictures about our adventures. ????????
???? Rebecca

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