Here’s to a New Year

By: Kelsey

Hey everyone!

I was actually doing some work in preparation for a board meeting that I have tomorrow evening but as the Positive Exposure website is front and centre on my top sites, I took a detour. I started reading some of the recent ambassador blogs and felt compelled by all of the amazing posts to write my own blog. I realized that I haven’t blogged in a while and one of my 2019 resolutions is to do better in honouring my commitments.

The last month has been more difficult than anything, dealing with some misjudged relationships, bad choices and general mental health issues stemming from all of that. There have definitely been good things that have happened too, however. I got to travel to Toronto to film for a CBC show, I celebrated my birthday with my closest friends and I spent the holidays with friends and family. The last week or so has made me realize that I truly am not alone, even though it feels like it sometimes. Saying no to people (and yourself) is hard sometimes, but I am learning to deal with it.

Ironically, I have my iTunes on shuffle right now and the song that came on just as I started writing this blog was The Lucky One by Taylor Swift. I know that all songs mean different things to different people but after reading some of the recent ambassador blogs, it just hit me again how lucky I truly am. I am surrounded, inspired and motivated by the best people in the world and i am so thankful for the Moebius syndrome community, the Positive Exposure community and everyone else that I have in my life because I have Moebius. I wouldn’t change anything about myself because without Moebius, I wouldn’t have a fraction of the amazing people in my life that I do and I wouldn’t have had any of the amazing opportunities that I have.

I just made another 2019 resolution for myself on the fly. That resolution is, whenever I find myself feeling down, to always remind myself how truly lucky I am to be the person that I am.

Did anyone else make resolutions for the new year?

Keep being the inspiring people that you all are! I am truly incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing community.

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  1. Monica January 2, 2019 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    ❤️ Happy New Year!

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