Hey pearls 

By: Grace

I have been stuck at home from March till now.  I have been doing learning online. My school gave me a Chromebook to use and I am still getting used to it. I am not using my macbook so much. On that subject I have a new one Macbook Air. It is rose gold and i have a new screen saver. Do you know anything about Anne of Green Gables? There is a Netflix series called Anne with a e” and my screen saver is Anne.  I highly recommend the series. My favorite person in the show is Gilbert. He is Anne’s beau.

I went to the zoo recently because it was a warm day.  They where getting set up for the Festival of Lights. I saw the most famous hippo Fiona. I also saw the new exhibit.  It is kangaroos. They are not behind glass. So cool!

I have also been jumping to tell you this. I have new romantic Christmas movies to recommend. The are:  A Christmas Prince, A Chrismas Prince – The Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince – The Royal Baby.

And before I forget I am getting my hair colored red just like Anne of Green Gables. I can’t wait.

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