Hey Sonya, Sam, and Alyssa!

By: Byron

Thank you for the questions. I will try to answer all as well as I can.
1) What were some of the challenges or highlights of college so far? How has your disability affected you in college?
Throughout the first year of college and the first week I’ve had so far of sophomore year, my highlights are not very traditional. Unlike some who would state they would remember a class (which I have a few) my highlights are due to Arizona being a great athletic school my highlights include going to athletic events such as basketball, football, baseball, and much more. My disability has affected me in a way that I can’t participate in sports like my peers around me do. Regarding academics, my disability doesn’t affect me as much as I initially thought it would. The University of Arizona has an outstanding center called Salt Center where kids with disabilities can go for help, work with a learning specialist, and get unlimited tutoring for virtually every class taught at the university. By using Salt, I have thrived in many of my classes with my disability.
2) Have you been involved in any athletic activities in college? If yes, can you describe your involvement?
Due to my disability, I can not participate in any athletic activities, but I do my best to be as much a part of a team as I can. I am currently an intern with the Arizona Rugby team, and I do jobs ranging from marketing each game, doing stats, and putting on events before or after a game to draw in more spectators.
3) What kind of social activities are you involved in? Can you describe your group of friends?
My social activities aren’t as active as most. I am part of a club called the Sports Marketing Association, which helps you get internships in the sports business and with the athletics department here on campus. I have friends in that club that I do things with outside of the club. All of freshman year I didn’t have anyone I could say was my friend. I knew people, and when I saw them on campus I was able to say hi, but that was the extent of the conversation. Right before this school year got underway, I was a counselor for a freshman camp called Bear Down Camp. During that camp, I was able to get to know the counselors better and was also able to become friends with incoming freshman. My friend group looks a lot brighter than all of the last year even when I am only three days into the new semester.
4) You mention that people have called you Harry Potter in the past due to your scar. Have you received any other nicknames, and how do you feel about the nicknames that you’ve been given in the past?
In the past, I have had nicknames including Harry Potter, Mr. Crane, Ron, B-Ron, Mr. B, and many others. Some were given to me by close family and others by friends. I never questioned the ones that close family gave me, but I told my friends whether they could or could not call me certain things. Overall I am completely fine with nicknames, but if I believe they are degrading to me, I stop it immediately. One I remember was the handicapped kid. When I lived in California, there was a guy I knew who wanted to call me that after I had surgery and was in a wheelchair. Although I told him the first time he said it never to say that again, it took several weeks and adult intervention to put it to rest finally.
I hope these are useful and send me any more questions if you have them!

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