A lot has happened since I last blogged.

First of all, I had fun with Danielle seeing “Let’s Be Cops”.  For the record, this is not the kind of movie we usually see.  We tend to see more Disney type movies, lol.  Or movies based on books like Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars.  But “Let’s Be Cops” was pretty funny.:)  After the movie we went to Applebee’s.  When we got there the hosts were like oh do you want to be in Aaron’s section?!  We didn’t even know he was working that night, lol.

So, who’s Aaron you ask?  Well we have been going to this particular Applebee’s for over a year to play trivia on Wednesday nights.  We ended up routinely getting a server named Aaron.  He’s a little younger than us and really nice. He always helps us with trivia and gets the other staff to help us too. It’s awesome haha.  One time practically all the waiters and managers were around our table to help with the picture round, lol.  We’re known as “his girls” now haha.  At the beginning of the summer he was going to cut back on his shifts but wanted to still keep in touch so he asked for our numbers. :)  Well, his break with trivia didn’t last long.  After a few weeks he was back because he didn’t like his new job. He and I have still been texting a ton off and on though (including right now as I’m writing this post).  It’s pretty fun :)  Unfortunately he’s switching locations in a few weeks. :(  I’m hoping we will still be able to hangout.  I’m guessing we will. He seems awfully sad that he’s leaving me/us.  So we will see what happens. :)

I also started pool therapy.  So far I have been in the pool once. The therapist was really nice.  I’m switching to a new time slot so I will have a new one next time though.  The main goal is to help with pain management. I  deal with a lot of pain in my back.  That’s a whole other post.  I’ll have to do one about how my syndrome affects me.

The other exciting thing that has happened relates to being independent.  On Monday afternoon I had a meeting at a local Panera.  I didn’t have enough time to arrange for a bus and my mom couldn’t take off work to drive me.  So, I simply emailed the group and asked if someone could pick me up.  This may not sound like a big deal but it was exciting.  Even though I use my wheelchair most of the time I can walk short distances.  If I go in someone else’s car I need a lot of help getting in and out, buckling etc.  I have to be physically lifted in and out.  Then depending on what piece of equipment I’m bringing (walker vs scooter) the person driving has to take it apart and/or fold and put it in the car.  I usually only like to do this with people that I know pretty well.  One of the ladies in the group responded to my email and was more than happy to drive me.  I was nervous because I don’t know her all that well but everything worked out fine!!!  I was able to distract my dog enough to get in the garage without her escaping.  I was then able to explain what I needed help with and how to do everything pretty easily. For this trip I used my backless booster seat and my walker. So it wasn’t as intense as if I had the scooter.  I was able to be dropped off and picked up right by the door to minimize the amount of walking I had to do which was great.  The chairs in Panera were okay- a little low but I was fine.  I just couldn’t really do too much in terms of using the table lol.  I was really happy it worked out. We are doing it this way from now on!

This will really help me and my mom because she won’t have to worry about driving me.  Plus, it’s just another step of independence. :)

All right… I better go and work on another project now. I need to make sure I get enough done so I can go see Aaron and play trivia tonight!!

P.S.  In addition to having a Harry Potter movie on (as always) my dog is keeping me company. :)

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