Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

By: Owen

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

This year Owen met Santa Claus for the first time!  It may seem strange that he is 4 years old but has never gone to see Santa.  Most kids go see Santa every single year but for some children it can be scary and overwhelming.  Owen has trouble in really loud places and waiting in line.  We never even tried to go see Santa, waiting in line would have been difficult and then in the end we most likely wouldn’t have been able to get him on Santa’s lap anyway.

We were so excited to hear about an event a local organization was doing called Sensitive Santa.  If you have a child with autism or, like Owen, sensory processing difficulties you could attend the event.  It was wonderful, each family had a scheduled time so no one had to wait in line and when we got there Santa and his helper waited in a quiet room for us.  Owen was even allowed to invite his cousins to come along and meet Santa with him.

When we first arrived Owen wanted to go up and down all the steps in the building.  He really enjoys exploring new places.  Then we went in for our appointment.  He seemed a little nervous so Santa let him sit in one of those really cool office chairs with wheels that have the seat that spins around.  Owen loved it.  So, instead of the traditional child sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him what to bring for Christmas, Owen enjoyed a ride around the room, for almost our whole visit.  I guess Santa already knew what our little guy wanted.

Just like most times, the day was not exactly what I had planned or what I expected.  How could I have known that Owen’s big meeting with Santa would be riding in an office chair and for my nephew it would be rolling the giant exercise ball all around with Santa’s helper?You know what, it was better than I expected because it was just what Owen needed.

I am so thankful that Santa and ACRP made this event happen for special families like ours.

Guess what else…  Owen and his Daddy were on the news!


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