Holiday Go To’s

By: Morgan

Here is my December go to’s for the holiday season. Giving you time before Santa comes to town for your favorite pearl ambassador out there.


  1. An animal, I’m partial to my love, Dewey II. But everyone needs unconditional love from something and a pet is a great gift for the holiday season – if you have animal allergies consider sponsoring wildlife foundations animal adoption program :)


  1. Think of a special person you haven’t seen in a while. Set up a facetime or a lunch date, exchange a small parcel in the mail, the point in the holidays is making memories and coming together.


  1. Save up for an experience. Put the money toward a Christmas gift to experience something a show, trip, large item. Even if you don’t get it on Christmas, teaching your child to invest in a piece of capital is a valuable tool.


  1.  Make something – get a coloring book or a sewing kit, this is the best gift for the time crunch in waiting rooms for doctors offices and will keep your occupied and ease nerves.


  1. Clothes – comfortable clothes are important to the disability community the best kinds of gifts are the ones that make treatment more fun. My personal favorites are leggings, big sweaters and fuzzy socks.


  1. Food – although some of us might be on restricted diets find a snack that you can keep with you in a slump. My go-to recently have been Justin’s mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups.


  1. Art and other decors – this will brighten up your environment. Places like Hobby Lobby have great signs to lift up any mood.


  1. Some type of durable backpack- some brands like Patagonia are expensive. However, investment allows for qualities such as waterproof, lightweight, nylon, in small sizes to carry around important items. – for me, backpacks are a way to be more discrete about my medical needs.


  1. Christmas time is the best for people with CP. Get yourself a new pair of shoes. In general, a majority of us have overpronation issues in our feet. The holidays are great for a reason to need new shoes.


  1. Get a weighted blanket for someone you love Target sells them in a variety of colors for a reasonable price and its worth a limitless price for chronic pain warriors and individuals with anxiety. Sleeping is my favorite and I  am out cold with mine!


So enjoy the holidays with these special let practical gifts for those you love. Hurry, there are 9 days left until Christmas.

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