By: Zach

So in today’s post I wanna bring up some of the holiday memories I have cherished over the years. Starting with the christmases at my aunts it even carries on after my grandmothers passing, we would eat a really good dinner like any holiday we would do presents and since we are jewish and there not. We  would do a yankee gift swap kinda thing where we would give them the christmas presents well we get our hanukkah presents from them. then dessert and my aunt make really good desserts. My personal favorite are the peanut butter blossoms. In the old days when she lived in Poughkeepsie new york we would go up there ,for the long holiday break. but the one thing I wanna say before I end this one memories and photos will last a lifetime, remember you only live once and you only have one chance so make each memory last like my grandpa told my dad “death around the corner and you don’t know when your gonna die.

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