Homecoming Part 2

By: Talia

Homecoming Part 2
Hey Pearls!
This is Part 2 of Homecoming Weekend.
In this picture of Emily and I, we were so happy and overjoyed in what the CMSV community has done in life.
There are some solo pictures of me sporting my Gina Tricot Mamma Mia inspired hat from the Gina Tricot and Bianca Ingrosso store in Stockholm, Sweden. I literally adored this outfit from Gina Tricot which is the white dress shirt and black pants, because I look like someone from the 1950s or 1960s Hollywood age before Gen Z Hollywood.
After Homecoming, I went to Mount Madness at the gym onto the basketball field and there were lots of people there. The CMSV African Student Association, CMSV Cheerleaders, CMSV Women’s Basketball Team (Shout out to Bridge CMSV’s RC Liana), CMSV Men’s Basketball Team (Shout out to Bridge CMSV’s RC Jack), CMSV FLAVA Dance Troupe (Shout out to Bridge CMSV’s Intern Kaya, who is both in CMSV FLAVA Dance Troupe and CMSV Dolphin Dolls), CMSV Words (only CMSV Words’ Vice President Gabby) sang the National Anthem, CMSV Dolphin Dolls Dance Troupe, CMSV Fatal Attraction Dance Troupe, and CMSV Filiment Dance Troupe. It was so fun and I am proud of everyone who participated in Mount Madness.


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