Homecoming Weekend at CMSV 2022 – Part #1

By: Talia

Homecoming Weekend at CMSV 2022 – Part #1
Hey Positive Exposure Pearls Ambassadors and Visitors to My Blog!
Talia here on PE Pearls and I am here to tell you some exciting news!
My birthday was just very recently and I turned 23 years old. I was delighted to turn 23 because I celebrated my birthday with my friends and celebrated during Homecoming Weekend. During Homecoming Weekend, I was cheering on the CMSV Womens’ Soccer Team and they were amazing. They won against Saint Joe’s Brooklyn University. I also spent time with my friends from the Bridge program and some Bridge CMSV alumni which included Zach, Alex, Arjun, Gio and Cole. They were so happy to see me, because we haven’t seen each other in forever. I also tried corn with spices from my dance troupe, Filiment and my dance troupe is very nice to me. It was so great to see my dance troupe, Filament, which included the president Michi, vice president Francis, secretary, treasurer Dani, KT Love Rep Kelly Anne, and PR officer Kelsie. I have pictures of myself, the president, and the secretary right here. Filiment told me that I am amazing and that I have big energy.

I also saw my friend (unfortunately I don’t remember her name) I think it’s Rosy but I could be wrong. She is very nice to me and reminds me to become the best version of myself. She is very kind and very supportive of me.

I also spent time with my friend, Emily, who is on the CMSV Women’s Soccer Team and she is very kind to me whenever I needed a boost of kindness in life. Here’s some pictures of Emily and I at Homecoming. Also Arjun is also in these pictures.

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