By: Byron

Yesterday, I was honored by the girl’s softball team at my school.  They honored me because my eagle scout project was to build dugout roofs on their field.  I wasn’t expecting a big celebration but when I walked on the field all the girls were standing by the gate and started clapping. It felt very nice and I really appreciated it. It felt like all the hours and hard work I had put into it paid off when I saw everyone using it.  Over the course of last year I spent 216 hours planning and building those roofs and everyone doubted I would be able to do it, but I did and it definitely paid off.

On another note, I used to live 30 miles away from Baltimore in Washington DC.  I have gone to Baltimore on countless occasions for doctor’s appointments and other things.  It is really sad to see riots going on in the city.  I’m aware of what happened a few weeks ago there but I don’t think there is a need for riots, looting, and destruction of property around the city.

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