How are my siblings significant other going to react to my disability?

By: Morgan

How are my siblings significant other going to react to my disability?

Feb 17

 Today is Dennis’ birthday which sparked a conversation that I’m sure many families might fret about at times. How are my siblings significant other going to react to my disability?

Erica is Dennis’ wife and my middle sister. She and I are six years apart but pretty much attached at the hip, you will learn more about her later in June when I write about her on her birthday. I am fortunate enough where currently all of them get along with me quite well. But when I met Dennis, I saw some defining factors within him that make him well – the perfect husband. They got married on July 9th, 2017 in Newport, Rhode Island. Within my maid of honor speech, I cited the fact that Erica, my “didter”, immediate best friend, was and still is a miniature version of my mom and always pushing me to actually try new things. Dog (parents) of a crazy chocolate lab named bear that Dewey loves to spend weekends with and D$ (Dennis) – Lover.

Dennis is patient with all of our McCarthy family antics – including my sister’s ability to drag out getting ready for something like her hair, her nails, and frankly, Bear. He is generous with his time as they have a marvelous group of friends and manage to keep up with all 11 bridal party participants (and more).  He has incredible wit and can hold his own against my father in a basketball game. Finally, he is the one I go to when I want a solid unbiased answer to something.

I have to say thank you for all the years you let me be the third wheel to social gatherings, pushing me to get out and enjoy a weekend at a bar. He is right there to offer an extra hand to hold or to carry my drink. He’s also very crafty. From dining tables to art pieces, he’s simply one hell of a guy. So to answer the daunting question— Does my CP get in the way of the relationships I have with my siblings and there loved one?….I think he adjusted quite well.

As I said, I am forever thankful for the way my sister is loved. You can see it in the way they look at each other. It’s endless. I hope one day I find a love like that. Until then I am perfectly content stealing the guest bedroom!!!!  


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