I am 12 years old now.

By: Jonah

I am 12 years old now.

I am 12 years old now.  A lot has changed this year.

1. I am as tall as my mom now
2. I started middle school this year
3. I LOVE my new school and program that I’m in. My teachers are so fun and helpful.
4. My half brother Kaden, moved in with us full time from Ohio! He’s 15. It’s cool having a big brother all the time here now!
5. I got an IGUANA and he lives in my bedroom! His full name is Sir Mushroomy Borucki. We call him Sir! He is so cool and calm. He really helps me relax and loves laying on my chest while I play the piano. He also falls asleep on me when I read him a book.
6. I have my new hearing aides and while I’m at school, I connect my phone as a remote to control the volume and programs. I can also mute them and connect with Bluetooth when I need to listen to something directly. I like being so independent!
7. I have an A in math!
8. I’m starting to like vegetables more because I know they help my body. Being healthy is very important to me. I get sick less when I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!

I’m healthier and happier this year! I still have tricky days, but my goal at school is to push through on the tough ones when I don’t feel well. I’m proud of how hard I’m working at that. My teacher helps me work at being my best every day. I am lucky she is my teacher.

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  1. Charlotte July 13, 2019 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Wow Sir is so cool! I also play piano and love math!

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