I am Zamani


I am Zamani

I always remind myself that yes, I have Moebius Syndrome, but it does not define who. Having moebius has nothing to do with me being 20, attending college, living on my own, working part-time, having passion for others and having a four legged best friend, my dog Cube. Moebius Syndrome is nothing that you can catch so its ok to say hi, it wont rub off on you when you shake my hand or give me a hug. I try or am open to educating others about Moebius Syndrome which helps with their fears of not understanding, and do so by joking about it so that no one feels uncomfortable.

At college there is still hesitation on the part of my student peers to accept me for me, so I interact assignments to address disabilities to close the gap of acceptance of being different. One or two friends that are sincere would be nice but I am attending college to gain employment helping others and its not a time for me to focus on having a social life, I will wait until after I graduate. When I have some free time from studying, I enjoy watching history documentaries, and playing xbox with others from different countries and cultures. I will be attending my first Moebius Syndrome Convention in July 2020 and hope to meet you there and it would be great if you want to connect with me on facebook before then.

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  1. Kelsey March 25, 2020 at 3:52 pm - Reply

    Hey Zamani!

    My name is Kelsey and I also have Moebius! It’s so amazing to meet you via Positive Exposure! I’ve dealt with a lot of the things that you described such as bullying. I’m from Canada and am a university graduate :) I also am on the board of directors for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation.
    Have you joined our Moebius syndrome Facebook group? If not, it’s called the Home for the Moebius Community! Please join, we’d love to have you,

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