I Don’t Like Mondays

There is a famous song called “I Don’t Like Mondays” and I agree and this is why. I think the weekends our to damn short.  I am exhausted in the mornings so I would just sleep during the day. As I have said, I like the atmosphere of going out late at night and staying up then not getting up till 11 or so. Its just the life of a movie star. I really feel like if were to be president or if Hilary Clinton had won the election she would have made Mondays a day off.

One of the things about weekends is that you can spend time with friends. I just feel like I wish I had more friends which I don’t really. I want a drinking buddy so that we could go out to bars so that we could keep a tally for each other on how many drinks we’d had. My buddy could help me meet women! But meeting people is hard. I wanted to go over and talk to a guy last night but he seemed too young to hit on. It is hard to start a conversation with  someone in any bar. Does anybody else struggle with this?

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