Interesting and Fun!

By: Byron

The last few days have been interesting and a lot of fun.  The way it was interesting was that on Friday because of Halloween my school has a thing called senior dress up day.  I had a lot of fun seeing what my friends dressed up as along with people I didn’t know. Walking around the hallways I saw people in full Ebola protection suits, a milk man, sailors, people spray painted in all gold to be trophies, pac-man running around the school with the ghosts not far behind, and plenty more interesting costumes.  After my classes ended for the day at 12:30 a car picked me up from school and drove me to the airport.  It was my sister’s birthday the following day and I was going to spend it with my mom, step dad, and her in DC.  When I arrived in DC that afternoon my sister was still in New York and my step dad was playing music downtown.  My mom asked me what I would like to do and I asked her if she’d ever seen a movie called White Chicks. She said “no” so we watched it.  Later that night my mom and I went to pick my sister up from the bus, which was only a mile away.  The following morning after everyone got up we had a birthday breakfast.  We then worked the rest of the day because my sister had a lab report due the next day, which she needed to get done.  That evening we had a birthday dinner and my sister opened her gifts and then we hung out the rest of the night.  The following day I packed everything up and then we went downtown to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.  We walked around and saw multiple things and right before we left we found this fake bureau that was set up in the museum, which was selling people trips to the planets in our solar system.  My sister and mom decided to go to the moon and it only costs $100 million each while my step dad and I are going to Mars for $1.5 billion each.  We have to get back to them about if we’ll go because they only accept cash and no credit/debit cards.  Afterwards they drove me to the airport and I ended up having a 3 hours delay because of high winds in Boston.  In all it was a fun time in DC this weekend.

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