January Favorites

By: Morgan

Motto – I am renewed in 2019, I will be strong and complete dry January. Yes, Disability does not prohibit having an after dinner apertif.  But I did cleanse in january and ended up losing 10 pounds. – which was probably alcohol, sweets, fats and salt intake. My mom had a birthday and so did my older sisters boyfriend! They came with us last April to the Art show, Rick.  

This month I read the spiritual guide book, It’s Not Supposed to be this way by Lysa Terkeurst. I spent more time listening to podcasts than music. I also watched more Netflix than TV.

The winter weather had me eating a lot of soup, drinking lots of tea and loving Oranges. Cuties – are so handy. I hated getting a cold at the beginning of the month. I am dreading the rest of winter.  I want a relationship if the universe is ready for that.

I am dreaming of my trip to France and planning for may! I am improving my own personal finances and still giving gifts. I’m trying to set better boundaries and handle my emotions better but, I am enjoying my new couch in my apartment. So some, but not all of my resolutions are slowly coming true.

Talk to you next Sunday – with DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts xo

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