Just another day in paradise.

By: Zach

So as I’m patiently sitting here waiting for my nintendo switch to arrive in the mail i may as well write another post. So today was kinda a dull day in the sense of I really didn’t do much, I baked banana bread and played some video games. Last night I had a zoom dinner with my grandparents and friends, had a social with my special olympic friends that is always a fine way to end the night. And life in quarantine is never easy, family struggles and more did some biking on my stationary bike before I mentaly insane that felt good. My mother pushed me to write this one in the sense of well lets just say I was hyperfocusing on my delivery in the mail, simply said she told go write a blog to get your mind off it. But like anything that one is excited for something it’s super hard and anyone can relate to that. So a few days ago me and my mother were driving to see my brother and his daughter for a walk but that plan came to a halt in a double-double loss kinda saying. Because the walk didn’t happen and we got into a car accident, me and my mother are fine and that’s the positive part. Now thinking about the whole quarantine part, the coronavirus and the walks I partake with him and his wife and everyone. Like the whole social distancing and all that, cause my mother’s friend daughter has coronavirus, and this no laughing matter. Be safe and wash your hands and be healthy.  So my nintendo switch arrived in the mail a little while ago setting it up and all that fun stuff, I got the turquoise blue one. And for dinner tonight im having with my parents high school friends that should be a fun time, just hearing them reminisce about old times. So guys as i wrap this one up I want you all to be safe, healthy, wash your hands and keep your distance from people, and we as americans will get through this together.


  1. Positive Exposure April 19, 2020 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    Thanks Zach. Really appreciate your advice and support. Better together.

  2. zach April 20, 2020 at 12:25 am - Reply

    thanks positive exposure becoming an ambassador means alot to me in the sense of a way to express myself and not be judge

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