Just another day in the life of Zach

By: Zach

So today was Pokemon Go community day for 6 hours but I had fun playing some switch and all  that didn’t really have breakfast had a clif bar than off to the races. The event did not really until eleven to five, was out of my parents skin for a good chunk of the day. By the time I got back my dad fell asleep. My mother was working and I was tired as hell to pardon my language, given the fact I did more than I should have and on top of that I have a bad hip. For lunch I had cold chicken with mayonnaise, for dinner my family ordered indian food this blog makes up for the ones I meant to post a couple days ago. I know I know I have been slacking, and I feel bad but it is what it is, So i’m gonna wrap it up and go have dinner and I’ll post tomorrow. Or possibly sooner if i feel like it.

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