Kids camp in the Ukraine!

By: Rachel

A few weeks ago I got home from a 10- day missions trip in Ukraine, where my team did disability ministry at a camp for kids with disabilities and their parents.  I was in charge of the sensory/music area, and it really helped me learn more about music therapy.

One little boy had a major meltdown, and as soon as he came to my area and sat down with my rubics cube and Melissa & Doug latch board, he was immediately fine– no exaggeration.

One day, I led a circle of percussion instruments,  and even though we didn’t speak the same language,  everyone could follow.  If I crouched down they knew to play slow and soft,  and when I sat taller and picked up the beat with my drum,  everyone got faster and louder. It was amazing!

One of the most meaningful parts was sharing my testimony about having physical and mental disabilities myself and how God has used them to shape my life in a good way. I hope it was encouraging to parents to see that someone with a disability can do important things since many children with disabilities in Ukraine never leave the house. In fact,  this is the first year there will be students with disabilities streamlined in public schools.

 Everyone kept asking me questions about music therapy because there’s no way to get certified in Ukraine.

I’m really hoping to go again next year!

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